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Year : 1995  |  Volume : 27  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 202-

Recent advances in the study of neurotransmitter receptors

BN Dhawan1, RC Srimal2 

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B N Dhawan

The effect of quinolones on skeletal muscle function was studied using cat tibialis anterior muscle-common peroneal nerve preparation. Screening of four quinolones viz. ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, nalidixic acid and pefloxacin produced a decrease in nerve stimulation (NS) induced contractions similar to that seen with the positive controls (Gentamicin & streptomycin). Normal saline and penicillin (Negative controls) were devoid of any effect on neuromuscular junction. Periodic stimulation of nerve and muscle ruled out muscle tatigue as a cause of decrease in skeletal muscle function. Characterization of neuromuscular (NM) block by ciprofloxacin was carried out to determine action on postsynaptic site (Close intraarterial injection of ACh, reversal with neostigmine), Presynaptic site (Hemicholinium + high frequency stimulation, reversal with CaCl2) and muscle (continuous pancuronium infusion). Primary action of ciprofloxacin on motor end plate was suggested by no response to close intraarterial ACh and reversal with neostigmine. Action on presynaptic site as well as muscle possibly contributes to the action on NM junction. The results of the study suggest that quinolones probably have a weak curare like effect on NM junction similar to that of aminoglycosides.

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